Turn Key Turnarounds

Western Refractory has a proven track record for performing exceptionally well on turnarounds and has an excellent safety record to go with that. We have performed refractory and mechanical work during turnarounds. We also offer complete turnkey turnaround work as well from planning, scheduling, cost tracking, to the final installation. We have performed turnarounds at multiple refineries over the last thirty years and for the other industries we serve. When time is of the essence and the work needs to get done Western Refractory has the team and knowledge to make it happen. Below is a list of some of the equipment we have performed work on during turnarounds:

FCCU equipment: Cyclones, Diplegs, Flapper Valves, Riser Lines, Wyes, Air Grids, Steam Rings, Plenums, Regen/Reactor Heads, Flue Gas Lines, Transfer Lines, 3rd Stage Separators, Pressure Vessels, API Tanks, Stacks, Transfer Lines, Equipment, Pipe Spools & Ducting: Custom Metal Fabrication, Refractory (Hexmesh, Anchor) Lined, Inconel/Stainless Lined and Non Lined Equipment. Exterior insulation and painting.

SRU Equipment: Waste Heat Boilers, Condensers, Converters, Reactors, Sour Water Strippers, Columns, In Line Burners and Refractory Lined Ducting and Piping All equipment.